Technical Requirements for ITM
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The technical requirements for using ITM are very basic. This article covers memory requirements, computer speed, web browsers, internet access speed and other technical issues.

Screen Resolution
We have designed ITM to work best at screen resolutions of 1024x768 and higher. Users with lower resolution screens (for example, 800x600) will still be able to use ITM's features, but may find that it looks a bit different and have to do a lot more scrolling around than other users do.

Memory requirements
Because almost all of the thinking in the ITM system happens on our servers, your computer or device does not need any special memory requirements. If it is able to run one of the supported browsers then it should be ok. Typically 32mb of ram would be the bare minimum required by a web browser these days.

Computer Speed
Again, you do not need anything special. An old Pentium 200Mhz pc would be sufficient to run a modern web browser (albeit slowly).

Web Browser
While we develop and test only for the most popular browser versions, you will likely be able to use a wide range of browsers to interact with ITM.

However, you if you decide to use an uncommon browser or and old version, you may find that certain items do not appear correctly formatted or behave in the way you expect.

We support all versions of Internet Explorer from 6.0 onwards, and Firefox 2.0 onwards, which together account for more than 90% of all web users. Note that we do not support IE on non-Windows operating systems. For example, if you use a Macintosh and have Internet Explorer as your browser, you may find that some aspects of ITM look or behave differently from what you get on a Windows based PC, due to the differences Microsoft have made in their products.

If you use an unsupported browser, we still welcome your feedback if you find something that could be improved. However we will only make a fix for unsupported browsers if it is not expensive to do so, and you are prepared to test it for us.

This policy of focusing only on the browsers that make up 90% of the web's users means we make significant savings in development, testing and support. For example, if we were to also support Netscape Navigator 5 and all later versions, we would effectively double our testing costs, and massively increase our development costs. This would mean a more expensive product for all of our users, not just the very few that use uncommon browsers.

Internet access speed
The system has been deliberately designed to load quickly even for users on slow dial up connections. That is why you don't see flashy graphics in the system - these would slow things down considerably. We test the application to have reasonable performance for users with 56kbps modems. If a page is slow for that type of connection, we make changes to improve the speed of the page.
Broadband users should find the application responds very quickly for normal tasks.


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