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Having an effective training management system is vital for all organisations that do a lot of instruction and learning. But you probably don't want to spend your time dealing with the technology hassles of creating and maintaining such a system.

The ITM system from Mission Control takes away all your technical hassles, and lets you get on with the primary focus of your organisation.

These estimates give you an idea of the time you might spend each year by using an in-house custom built application, which you would not need if using ITM. The estimates are based on a medium size company with 100 users.

  Daily Backups 60 Hours (10 minutes per day)
  Client & Server Maintenance 26 Hours (30 minutes per week)
  Server Security 26 Hours (30 minutes per week)
  Tech Support for users 26 Hours (30 minutes per week)
  After Hours Support 100 Hours (assuming a small number of after hours incidents)
  Ongoing development 120 Hours (allowing for 1 developer for 3 weeks each year)
  Ongoing testing 40 Hours (allowing for 1 tester for 1 week each year)
  Internet Hosting Support 10 Hours (if you make it available outside your LAN)
  Disaster Recovery Testing 10 Hours (if done once per year)
  Change Request Management 40 Hours (for a fairly stable application)
  Server Replacement 30 Hours (90 hours every three years)

As you can see there is a lot to managing an application that provides similar features to ITM. Because we provide these services to all of our customers, the costs are spread widely, resulting in a much cheaper solution than an individual company could build and maintain on their own.

Of course, we do a lot more ongoing development and testing than the figures above - they merely represent what a medium sized company might invest into a software program.

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