What are Training Paths?
Last Updated : Friday, 11 May 2012 by Mike Zandvliet   
This article describes what a Training Path is, and how you can use Training Paths to engage learners towards achieving their goals. It is aimed at people who are syllabus administrators for their organisation.

A Training Path is a series of Courses or Qualifications that allow learners to reach a particular goal.  So for example, a rescue team might have the following Training Path to become an "Advanced Medical Responder":

Example Training Path

As you can see, it's possible to have optional components to a Training Path, as well as mandatory components.

On the Enrolments page for a Training Path, it is possible for managers to see how far through each learner is. So for example, the learner may be 75% complete.   It is also possible for learners to see how far through their Paths they are, and also to consider the value of enroling in other Paths that they may be close to completing.

To create a Training Path, syllabus administrators can use the Training Path Matrix. This is a grid that shows your Paths across the top, and various Training Levels (Courses & Qualifications) down the left hand side.  Just click on the intersection between the Path & Level you are interested in, to toggle between Required and Optional. Click a third time to remove the link between the two items.

Once you have defined the Training Path in the Matrix, you can click on the name of the Path to be taken to a details page for it. From there you can use the links at the top right to Enrol learners onto the Path, or Edit the description of the Path.

Linking Training Groups to Paths
You may find it natural to link a Training Group (typically a group of people that train together) with a Training Path (a particular learning goal).  In these cases, the members of the Group would automatically also be enroled in the Path.  This can be achieved by editing the Training Group and linking in the relevant Paths to that Group. From then on, when people are added to the Group, they will automatically also be enroled in the Path.   Note that removing someone from the Group does not un-enrol them from the Path.

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