Glossary of Terms used in ITM
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We make heavy use of certain acronyms and special terms throughout ITM and the support documentation. This glossary will help you get up to speed with the terminology we use.

You may find that using the Find function in your browser (typically Ctrl-F) will help you get to the section you are looking for quickly. If you cannot locate the term or acronym that you want - please give us feedback, so we can update the list.

A - D |  E - H |  I - L |  M - P |  Q - T |  U - Z

A - D

  • Allocation - also known as a Lesson Allocation (LA)
  • Assessment - typically used to test students meet the criteria for Learning Objectives that have already been taught
  • Calendar - Displays a list of events. You can have multiple calendars for your Organisation - allowing you to customise which Groups are included. Also see 'Public Calendar'.
  • Comprehensive Role - a security role that always includes all the available privileges
  • Contact - details about a person

E - H

  • EC - Event Coordinator
  • Event Coordinator - the person responsible for organising and coordinating a particular Event. They arrange all the logistics of the Event, and assign spaces to attendees.
  • Exercise - typically used to practice Learning Objectives that have already been taught
  • Experience - feedback from students or instructors about sessions, classrooms, course content etc.
  • GA - Group Administrator. Similar to an OA, except privileges are limited to just the Group.

I - L

  • IA - Instructor Assessment
  • Instructor Assessment - a report where instructors can receive feedback on how they did when delivering a specific lesson
  • Known Visitor - someone visiting a public calendar that is recognised by ITM as a Contact. A known visitor's name appears at the top right of the calendar page.
  • ITM - Integrated Training Management
  • LA - Lesson Allocation
  • Lesson - a group of Learning Objectives that are delivered together in a particular format
  • Lesson Allocation - a report giving an instructor all the details they need to prepare for an upcoming lesson they will deliver
  • Learning Objective - the smallest unit of learning. Specific and measurable.
  • LO - Learning Objective
  • Lesson Plan - a document that an instructor creates to prepare for and deliver a lesson
  • LP - Lesson Plan

M - P

  • Merged Calendar - A calendar can be defined as Standard or Merged.
  • OA - Organisation Administrator
  • OG - Organisation Group
  • Online Registration - see Registration
  • Org - Organisation
  • Org Admin - Organisation Administrator
  • Organisation Administrator - a role for those users in your Organisation that should have complete access to your data, and who can maintain your security settings.
  • Organisation Group - A geographically close unit within your organisation (e.g. Chicago Branch, or Head Office).Typically administered (in an ITM sense) seperately from other parts of your organisation.
  • Password - the password you use to login to ITM with
  • Privilege - a specific ability to see or change something in ITM
  • Profile - when visitors to public calendars register for events, they create a profile in the system. This is visible inside the secure part of ITM as a Contact.
  • PSC - Performance, Standards and Conditions - the main components of a Learning Objective
  • Public Calendar - each Organisation Group has the ability to display it's events on a publicly accessible web page, that looks quite similiar to the Events List and Events Calendar that are available in the secure part of ITM. These public calendars allow an Event Coordinator to share Event information easily with potential attendees who do not have access to the secure section of ITM.

Q - T

  • Registration - the ability for a person to sign up on the public calendar for a specific Event
  • Role - Security Role
  • Schedule - when a session is scheduled for a given time and location, it becomes a Schedule entry.
  • Security Role - a group of people with the same privileges
  • Session - the main types of session are: Lesson, Exercise, Assessment, Workshop.
  • Syllabus - the complete set of all the Learning Objectives for your Org
  • System Administrator - the Mission Control employee responsible for administering ITM.
  • TG - Training Group
  • TR - Training Record
  • Training Group - a set of people that train together or instruct together
  • Training Record - details of what Learning Objectives and Levels a contact has completed

U - Z

  • User - a user has login access to ITM
  • Visitor - a person viewing the public calendar(s) for your Organisation. See also Known Visitor.
  • Workshop - typically a session where participants are not taught or assessed, but have an opportunity to work as a group towards a particular goal.


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