Choosing a Password
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There are some basic rules to follow when choosing a password. We recommend that you choose a password that is fairly easy to remember, but not easily guessable by other people.

Please read our article on keeping your password secure.

Note - Do NOT use the same password as you do for other systems, as they may not be secure and you would be increasing your exposure if an attacker was able to gain your password from one of them.

Password rules:
  • The password length must be between 4 and 50 characters, and must contain at least 1 number, 1 lower case character, 1 upper case character and 1 special character (such as ! @ # $ % ^ & etc).
  • You cannot have leading or trailing spaces, but spaces within the password are acceptable.
  • Do not use any character combinations that could be interpreted as HTML in either your login name or password, as our server will block these - for example "".
  • Passwords are case sensitive. For example, MyPassword is not the same as mYpaSswoRd.

The longer and more complicated your password is, the harder it would be for an attacker to using either a dictionary or brute-force attack.  For that reason, we recommend your password be at least 8 characters long, and have at least 2 symbols in your password.

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