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For medium or large organisations, designating people as Group Administrators can be very beneficial. This article describes out what a Group Admin is, how to create them in ITM and how they relate to your Organisation Administrator(s).

Conceptually, a Group Admin is the same as an Organisation Administrator, but at the level of just the Organisation Group that they belong to. 


The Group Admin would handle all the questions and day to day management of ITM for their Group. 

Let's use a real world example to illustrate the concept.  'SAR Alberta' is an association made up of independant search and rescue groups in the Canadian province of Alberta. In ITM they have one person, Cindy, as their Organisation Administrator. However there are dozens of search teams in the association, so it would be too much work for Cindy to manage every single enquiry about ITM or permission setting for all the groups. Also, because of the fairly independant nature of the teams, many of the volunteers at the ground level might not know who Cindy is, and vice versa. Instead, it makes more sense for each SAR team (or Group in ITM terminology) to have their own Group Administrator.  Cindy supports these Group Admins and keeps them up to date about what is going on in ITM in the bigger picture.

The Mission Control System Administrator supports Cindy, the Organisation Administrator for SAR Alberta, and she in turn supports the Group Admins.  The Group Admins have the ability to manage all aspects of their Group's use of ITM - including controlling who belongs to which security roles.  However Cindy controls which privileges each Security Role has.  This works well because it allows each SAR team enough independence to use ITM as they wish, but gives enough central control to ensure all the Groups work well together on ITM, and minimises administrative effort.

When not to use Group Admins
Some organisations prefer to work entirely centrally - so in those cases it makes more sense to just have an Organisation Administrator, and not bother with Group Admins at all.  Also, if your Organisation has only one Group in it - it would be of no use to have a Group Admin.

Creating Group Admins
To make someone a Group Admin, you simply need to follow these steps:
  1. If you don't already have one, create a Security Role called "Group Administrators" or something similiar.
  2. Give that Role all the "Administer Group...." privileges.
  3. Assign the person to this Role.
That's it. If you're curious about what this allows someone to do in ITM, create a dummy account, add it to this Role, and then login as that account.

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