The Organisation Administrator
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Each organisation that uses ITM must have at least one person designated as their Organisation Administrator (OA). A small company might have just one, while a global institution might choose to have several OA's.


Generally speaking, your OA will be granted all the privileges available to your organisation. This means that they can create new users, reset passwords, modify training schedules and syllabuses, and so on. They are also used as the main contact point should we need to get in touch, and we will accept instructions from them that affect any part of your use of ITM.

The OA is responsible for creating new Organisation Groups, and changing any preferences that affect the whole organisation. Normal users should make their Organisation's Administrator their first point of contact when they have questions about how to use the application, or need more privileges.

Because the OA is able to help normal users with critical issues, such as logging in and security privileges, it is important that users know who their OA is, and can get in contact with them easily.

Big organisations that are physically located around the world should consider how they will provide support for their normal users. Perhaps having a primary OA and a backup OA for each general time zone. For example, having OA's in Sydney, London, Delhi and Toronto would allow the OA's to work normal business hours, but still have comprehensive support for all your users globally 24 hours a day.

An additional option is to institute 'Group Administrators'. These are conceptually the same as an Organisation Administrator - but operating at the Group level instead. So an Organisation with 5 Organisation Groups might have 1 Organisation Administrator, with 5 Group Administrators.

Because your OA generally has the maximum available privileges, it is vital for them to keep their password secure.

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